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How it works

1. You sign up. (Woohoo!) 

2. We'll bring you a bag and door hook and schedule your pickup/delivery days. 

3. The day before pickup, you'll get a reminder text. 

4. Please leave your dry cleaning (or wash & fold) out in the designated bag.


5. We'll pick them up and clean them to your specifications. 

6. On your delivery day, leave your hook out and we'll deliver the order to your door.

That's it! You can view your statements and choose your billing method by logging in to your account.

Get $10 off your first order just for trying us out!

Besides dry cleaning, we also offer:

  • alterations

  • button replacement

  • repairs

  • large item cleanings

  • leather/suede cleaning

  • wash & fold services, charged by the pound

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